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Gibson Custom Les Paul Lemon Burst True Historic 60


If you’re visiting this website, chances are you already know a lot about the touchy subject of Bursts. Those guitars made by Gibson between 1958 and 1960 usually sell for the price of a house on the vintage market, and they are usually seen as the absolute Grail for lovers of nice electric instruments. Among the 1500 that have been made, it can be a tricky proposition to try and find the right one, the one that sounds good, the one that has a neck profile you like, whose color and flamed top you enjoy, and you need to have the cash ready since they usually don’t stay up for sale for long.

For all those reasons, Gibson has offered more or less faithful reissues of the Burst since the famous Heritage in the eighties. But no reissue has come closer to the originals than the True Historic, the crème de la crème made between 2015 and 2018. This True Historic 60 has everything going for it: it is light, it sounds amazing, its neck is slim like it was on the last Bursts, and its beautiful Lemon Burst color (the shade that a Les Paul has when there’s nothing left of the original red paint) perfectly showcases the spectacular top. Contrary to regular flamed tops, this one is instantly recognizable for the drops that surround the tiger stripes with a striking 3D effect. The ultimate version of the ultimate model.

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