Fender Telecaster Bass Paisley finish 1968

16.500 €

The decade 1960 is that of a deep transformation of the morals by the emergence of the hippie counterculture. Finding its apotheosis in the legendary Woodstock festival organized in White Lake in August 1969, these years of protest and claims found their emblem in psychedelism. These hours of freedom which remains exceptional by their magnitude were guided as much by the smell of marijuana as by the Beatles' compositions and Jimi Hendrix's wild solos. There is a pattern that sums up this extraordinary decade: the paisley pattern. It is an oriental pattern in the shape of a water drop or leaf, usually decorated with abstract shapes which quickly became emblematic of the 1960s, so much so that Fender created a pink paisley version of their Telecaster guitar and bass in 1968.

Celebrating the psychedelic 60's and the tumultuous rock n' roll of that crazy decade, Fender came out with a pink paisley version of their Telecaster guitar and bass in 1968 (both of which you can find at Matt's Guitar Shop). Fender built only a few of these guitars in this amazing and iconic finish that is among the most sought after and rare colors. These finishes were made by sticking patterned wallpaper to the bodies and spraying clear polyester over the top.

The Pink Paisley Telecaster offered by Matt's Guitar Shop is a rare 1968 model from the summer of love. In addition to its mesmerizing pattern, it offers a great and heavy 1960's bass sound and a flashback to the most tumultuous years of rock n' roll!

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