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In its great capacity to thrill entire crowds, the electric guitar has become over time a unique instrument that has fascinated and amazed ever larger audiences. Beyond its characteristic sound, the guitar has also constructed a visual narrative where its particular shapes and sometimes adventurous finishes have surprised and captivated entire generations. In this constellation of shapes and sounds, few instruments can boast of having been seen by several hundred million people. Yet that's the case with this inimitable Silver Sparkle Stratocaster, which has magnetized more than 300 million viewers since the video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song Can't Stop first aired in January 2003.

When the clip of the Californian band's single Can't Stop hit the airwaves, it was an aesthetic and artistic revolution. The references of the director Mark Romanek were fully assumed, and he pushed his plastic intentions to serve his project. We see the four members of the Red Hot engaging in excessively abstract activities, such as balancing with buckets and running through a hall with light fixtures attached to their backs. At certain points in the video, the band can be seen playing in front of an orange tarp and in various staged settings. Guitar prodigy John Frusciante plays a silver Fender Stratocaster, which matches the overall feel of the director with the chrome drums and gray bass of his bandmates.

Adept at original and artistically surprising videos, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have repeatedly surrounded themselves with talented directors. The clip for Can't Stop helped make the song a worldwide hit and a success on specialized channels like MTV. At the behest of director Mark Romanek, John Frusciante plays an orange Toronado and a Strat straight out of the Custom Shop, the sparkling Silver Sparkle. Although these guitars don't fit Frusciante's style (he's usually into vintage instruments), they blended well with the color scheme used in the video. This Strat came out of the Custom Shop in 1999. It became mythical by its sparkling finish and its mirror pickguard, and fully inseparable from this very funky and groovy riff which assured the band the first places in the charts. One of the most mythical guitars with a striking visual to discover at Matt's Guitar Shop!

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