Fender Stratocaster 1959 Turquoise blue Ex Orianthi

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Band : RSO
Main guitar : PRS Signature
Compulsory listening : According To You

Orianthi's career started with a missed opportunity: she was supposed to be Michael Jackson’s guitar player for the This Is It series of concerts in 2009. In spite of the superstar singer’s untimely death, the movie that came out allowed fans to appreciate what could have been Jackson’s last stand with snippets from rehearsals. Orianthi is heavily featured in the movie, and she absolutely shines, her PRS in hand, especially on the guitarist’s tour de force of Jackson’s discography: the Beat It solo, as originally recorded by Eddie Van Halen.

After that worldwide exposure, the young virtuoso took the opportunity and released her solo album Believe only a few months later. The record had already been finished in 2007, and the publicity given by This Is It was too huge to pass. Believe was a hit, also helped by her duo with Steve Vai on the instrumental Highly Strung, a video that went viral.

In 2011, Orianthi became the first female musician to join the Alice Cooper Band, like a breath of fresh air in a band that used to be all about tattooed goth guys more than hatted blondes. The legendary singer enjoyed that new experience so much that when Orianthi left the band in 2014, he replaced her with Nita Strauss, yet another female shredder.

After that new start, the Australian-born musician kept working on her solo career and also as a hired gun for the likes of Dave Stewart and Richie Sambora. Sambora enjoyed their alchemy so much that the two formed a band called RSO. The first album by that band, Radio Free American, came out in 2018 and was yet another success for Orianthi.

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