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There are instruments that speak for themselves with their impressive heritage and repeated use over the decades. This 1960 Fender Precision Bass is one of them: its patina sublimated by time and its repeated marks leave one dreaming of the history carried by its wood. It only takes one name, that of Colin Greenwood, to reinforce the mystique and aura of this superb bass.

The Fender Precision Bass is a mythical guitar from the Fender range introduced in 1951. It has remained a reference in the world of amplified music, being used in a wide range of musical styles. Legendary for its lightness, it offers sumptuous deep and woody tones. This bass is a 1960 model. The original paint has been removed, giving it an absolutely beautiful natural finish, but it still has the original tortoiseshell pickguard. A jazz pickup has been added and the wiring has been adjusted to accommodate this. The neck and headstock are original, the only addition being a Hipshot tuner.

This bass is already a superb instrument in itself, but its provenance completes its incredible history. It was used by Colin Greenwood, the bassist of Radiohead, during the recording of the album "The Bends" in 1994, and more particularly on the song Fake Plastic Trees. This Precision Bass was lent to the band, among other instruments, when they were recording their second album in London. Radiohead’s sound engineer specified that only this bass was used during the recording sessions, as Colin Greenwood particularly liked its warm and round sound. If more were needed, this bass belonged to Steve Harris, the famous bass player of Iron Maiden, after the sessions with Radiohead at RAK Studios... An exceptional instrument ready to inspire other musicians!

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