Banjo Deering ex Nile Rodgers

2.450 €

For a musician of Nile Rodgers' caliber, every note offered by a guitar is precious and unique. He understands the possibilities of every inch of the fretboard and discovers the immense potential for building and accompanying his songs. This banjo is no exception: it comes directly from Niles Rodgers' collection.

In his ongoing quest to find the sound projected in his mind, Nile Rodgers has seen hundreds of instruments pass through his masterful fingers. His impressive knowledge of music and understanding of chords has enabled him over the years to detect the particular sound of an instrument and place it at the heart of a hit song. His genius ear for melody and groove is expressed in the distinctive instruments he has assembled and that have accompanied him through his best decades of shaping hits.

This six-string Banjo Beering comes directly from his personal collection. It offers a clear and warm sound. It is very easy to handle with its simple design and efficient mechanics. Its exceptional sound and power confirm the reasons why Nile Rodgers chose to use it to develop his work: it is a beautiful instrument with a balanced and precise sound. No doubt this Banjo will inspire and amaze another musician with its typical American landscape sounds and beautiful balance!

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