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Gibson Les Paul Custom 1978 All Gold

Matt's Collection

Many a year before the Fort Knox Les Paul, the Gibson boys were already trying to make their guitars as bling as can be. The Gold Top was already a pretty bold statement in 1952, at a time when most guitars were either finished in natural in sunburst, but the top only was finished in gold, and the back displayed the natural hue of the mahogany.

This Les Paul Custom takes things way further. Since this is a Custom, the hardware is all gold, which is already a step in a more golden direction. But they took it all the way with an all-gold body (including the sides and back) and a gold neck with a gold back of the headstock. The pickup rings, pickguard and toggle ring bring a nice touch of black that matches the ebony fretboard and the bound headstock, for a look that is both super flashy and very classy. It is all original, including the case, and it is very likely that this would have been a one-off custom made guitar. There has to be a story there.

The signature on the back belongs to Sami Sirviö, the guitar player from Kent, a rock band that was absolutely huge during the late nineties in their Swedish homeland. There probably is a story there too.

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