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Fender Jaguar Candy Apple Red 1963

Matt's Collection

Nothing beats the cool factor of a vintage Jaguar. Except maybe a custom-color Jaguar with matching headstock. A slab board Strat or a ‘Burst might command a much higher price but they’ll never make you look as cool as Mike Campbell playing spaghetti western riffs on his Candy Apple Red vintage Jaguar through a tweed Princeton. For a while, those guitars could be had for a song, and the smart collectors have already found most of the good ones.

The aforementioned Campbell seems to have quite a nice array of custom color Jags, and they don’t often come up on the vintage market.

This all makes that 1963 beauty all the more precious: the Candy Apple Red is still bright and sparkly, it hasn’t become dull with age and looks even better with a few scratches and dings. The serial number does start with an L, which is what you ideally want when buying a collectible Fender, and this one does have a gorgeous matching red headstock. Even the mute foam is still there, ready to dampen your strings for a weird sitar effect like it did back in the surfin’ sixties. Finally, even the case is cool as can be since it is one of the rare fawn-colored vintage Fender cases made for a Jaguar. All in all, if you’re gonna own a vintage Jaguar, this is the one to have.

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