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Fender Stratocaster 1965 Olympic white


This guitar is the perfect example of the fact that even when you know a lot about vintage guitars, you can still find a weird guitar that will defy everything you thought was written in stone. This Stratocaster is surprising, to say the least: everything about it screams 1963 or early 1964, including the famous spaghetti logo and the green pickguard that very nicely contrasts with the Olympic White finish. But upon inspection of the neck plate, which is the only sure fire way of dating a Fender, it appears to have been put together in 1965.

1965 is the year of the transition logo and the white guard, but apparently not all Strats from that year were like that. Taking the guitar apart reveal its secret: the body, the neck and the pots all indicate the year 1963, which would have been much more coherent with its specs. Therefore, this is arguably one of the very last original spaghetti logo Strats, put together two years after its parts were made.

Aside from this historical oddity, this is a great vintage Strat made for the discerning player. It has been refinished and refretted, the nut has been changed and there’s no original case with it. While collectors will probably see these as reasons not to become the next owner of that white beauty, any player looking for a Strat from the best period of that guitar at a realistic price will seize the chance and never look back. We all need a great Strat in our lives don’t we?

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