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Gibson ES-335 1958

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Forget your Strats, your Parker Nitefly and the like, the 335 is the most versatile electric guitar ever made. This missing link dates back to 1958, so this superb sunburst specimen is one of the first of its kind. It is even one of the very first to display the fingerboard binding that would become a signature mark of the model, but which most instruments did not yet have back in ‘58.

This 335 is in an admirable state despite its great age, and the very slight alterations (machine heads replaced, but taken from the right model from the right time; fittings replaced, but again with the right model from the right time; modern buttons, slight overspray on the neck) take absolutely nothing away from the warmth of sound characteristic of this vintage. The PAF bridge pickup and the PAT 63 neck pickup (which comes from an ES-345) produce equally beautiful textures in blues and soul as in hard rock or even funk. The fittings (ABR1 and stoptail) come from the same 345, while the Kluson machine heads were originally on a Les Paul from the mid-1950s. The original 335 is a monument that has survived through the ages, and would not be out of place in any style invented in the meantime.

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